Our Campaign is simple, we want to recycle unwanted goods to benefit our community.  We support local people with employment, training, qualifications and mental health issues.

It is estimated that 25,293 people in Warrington will experience a common mental health disorder [data source - Adult Psychiatric Morbidity in England survey 2007].  Common Mental Disorders (CMD) are different types of depression, anxiety and phobias, including Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Panic Disorder, Mixed Anxiety/Depression Disorder. These conditions cause emotional distress and interfere with daily function but do not usually affect insight or cognition.  
Our aim is to support local people with mental health issues by offering a safe happy place to volunteer, chat, have a brew and support each other.  We refer our customer, clients and volunteers to other local services as well as our local health and wellbeing service.

There are an estimated 131400 people claiming out of work benefits in Warrington [doric].  The 2011 Cheshire & Warrington Business Needs Survey found that a lack of relevant skills was the most common barrier to filling vacancies and, with higher-skill occupations forecast to become increasingly important over the next decade, there is a need to raise skills levels in general. 
Our aim is to support local people with level 2 qualifications, training and learning courses to help them work towards employment goals.  We also advertise local job vacancies, courses and volunteer positions on our facebook recruitment page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/RRRRe-vamp-local-recruitment-opportunities/283851068386520

If you would like to help us or if you are a course provider/trainer we'd love you to contact us.
If you are a recruiter or organisation and you would like to us to advertise a position please let us know.