Donate your unwanted goods

Did you know in 2009/2010 9.4 million tonnes of household waste was sent for recycling, composting or reuse in England.  This is out of 23 million tonnes of waste which was sent to landfill sites.  [DEFRA].  This equates to only 39.7% of household waste being recycled in some form.
Warrington recycled over 50,000 tonnes of blue bin waste in the past 3 years.

RRRRe-vamp reckons we should be doing more to recycle!

So if you would like to donate your unwanted goods to support your local people, reduce landfill waste and make your environment a better place to live in then donate to us.

Please donate the following items;
Clothing and household textiles
Books,records and CD's
small items of furniture
Baby items
Bric a brac