Welcome to our people section.
    We are not just people we are volunteers!

    We have approx 25 volunteers, who volunteer within various roles from customer service to collecting donations.  Many of our volunteers suffer from mental health issues and find volunteering a way of helping to ease their daily lives.
    We do not run on a rota as we believe our volunteers who are going through mental health issues do not always feel they can face the day or the tasks within it, so we have adopted a drop in style approach.  If you volunteer for us and find you cannot face the day ahead you do not need to feel obliged to come in or feel as though you have let somebody down by not coming in to volunteer.  Our shop is always 'manned' and we welcome everyone to come and join us :)
    Please check out our youtube video below to see how our volunteers are working towards combating mental health.

    All of our volunteers are learning skills whilst volunteering in a work based setting.  We provide skills such as customer service, using a till, displays, photographic work and IT [to name but a few].